Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Getting on track - the Theatre

Hey peeps.. Just a few words here before I go off to bed. And especially Jennie, I will have to write the post later. I am now working as a crew of a children theatre show for 1 week, which is from 20th May till 28th May. Okay, 1 week plus. I will be working from morning till late night for 1 whole week. Well, just want to express my happiness towards this job my friend Kino has introed me. This is because I have always wanted to get into this line. Although it is quite tough being in this kinda position, but I am happy, because I am contributing to the performing arts. I have met lots of great people who has quite some fame in Malaysia's Performing Art line, they are usually more known in the Chinese areas ^^;; Here by I attach with its brouchers. Here it is! Come see yea!!! It is really nice!!! It will surely reminds you back to your childhood. ^^ Hope to see you there! I'll feedback about the getting on track part after I'm free from the show. Stay surfing and stay LUCKY!!

Friday, May 19, 2006

About Jennie & DMI 05/06

She is my best-est friend in my 2 year diploma life. Hmm... This does not really start off a good story huh? Haha... Jennie, I know u are reading this. I shall recall back to last two years, when we first met. And it was in college of course. Jennie Ho Tze Hui, she was appointed to be DMI's course representative. Wise choice I shall say. And I could still remember the fellow coursemates were planning to appoint me to be the assistant, but they got the wrong name instead. Haha~ But I was still glad I wasn't appointed, that is only after awhile (you know what I mean). FYI, Tunku Abdul Rahman College is 3 semester based, where 1st and 2nd semester is 17 weeks, and 3rd semester is 10 weeks. When I was in my 1st year 1st and 2nd semester, I was a lil 'sombong', coz, erm, I find the subjects quite easy, thus, was hated by some people. Now, let me go by time chronology. *I shall continue again soon*

Stacking tasks

Friday, May 19, 2006 - 4:14am As usual, I'm geting ready to sleep after talking to my dear. I started to think, throughout this semester break, so called holiday, what have I done, did I do anything useful, did I do anything which will help me? Or shall I say, did I do anything I planned for myself for the semester break? Things started to come on my mind. My holiday is ending soon, in just a week plus. I shouldn't be fear of not being able to finish my 'duty'. But next week I planned to work at a stage performance... I quickly reviewed what I have not done in my task list. Bloggie > New layout 4 bloggie, photot album and etc. PC > organise music and files, editors etc. Learn dance steps Out of suddent I feel like blogging now... I have so much to write about! You must be wandring what I have been doing recently. I have been sleeping at 4am, waking up at 1pm, not doing any chores, sat in front of the PC like no one's business for past few weeks... Damn my life is messed up. I can feel myself getting weaker compared to those days... and again I want to remind myself, SLEEP AT 2AM AND WAKE UP AT 9AM for the rest of the holidays!!!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Computer Frenzy

Okie, frenzies again. Haha... As you might already know, please read previous entriez if you don't, I am on holz now. And again, BON VACANCES to mua! My computer was at a disasterous state, after it was struck by the damn lightning 3 months ago, which is still on now and causing havoc everywhere; I put them into random pieces when I got a new desktop. Mind you, my lappie got stuck too, and it needs f*ckin 1.3k to fix it. My new desktop spec: AMD Athlon(r) 64-bit 3200++ nVidia GeForce 6200 TurboCache(tm) (PCI-E) Samsung SyncMaster 793DF (17" Flat Screen) 1GB RAM DVD+CDRW Combo 200GB Western Digital (new) + 80GB WD (old) HP PSC 1410 All-in-One Automatic Voltage Regulator To all, please get an AVR if you don't have. It will lenghten the life of your PC, and acts as a powerful surge protector. It is only around 0.07k. When I try to install winXP to the new desktop, I made a simple mistake. The windows was installed in the 200GB drive, but then the drive letter is G:/. Know what is the mistake? It was because I have the old 80GB drive mounted when I was installing and the 80GB took C:/, D:/, and E:/ while my DVD+CDRW combo took F:/. So, I hv spent like, 2 months surviving with G:/ as the windows drive. I feel damn beh syok with this adi ler... Since it is my holz now, I shall rearrange all my things and make things right! Things I did for my desktop: Formatted winXP Installed new theme from Installed MSN Plus! Installed Avant Browser Installed J River Media Center Installed K-Lite Codec Pack That is for the winXP. I ventured in Linux too. Going open source.. XD Bought a DVD from Kent, SuSe Linux Enterprise Server v9. I tried to install it. It was useless. Searched the net for new distro (a jargon which means Linux dristibution) from Tried Gentoo (, but then it was tough to install because it is command line based. I then try Mandriva 10.2 (, surpricingly it has a really user friendly installation interface! I chose some packages I find interesting and installed. Using KDE, Gnome and IceWM if not mistaken. All installation went on quite well, just that, it could not detect my LAN and Sound driver!!! I was like, dang. I spent about 20 hours on this linux thingy, including getting the driver done. What I did to get the driver: Went to KDE > Harddrake and try to manually load the driver. Failed. Searched my motherboard manufacturer (Biostar) for linux driver Directed to chipset manufacturer (nVidia) Downloaded driver for nForce (motherboard chipset) Went in Linux and try to install Tried in KDE, was unable to do so. Tried in Gnome, the setup ran. But it didn't install, is says kernal source undetermined. Looked in uninstalled packages for kernal source, failed on 1st few attempt. Looked though the forums. Found nothing helpful. Try to locate kernal source again. Found. Try to install the driver. Done. (at this point, I was like, YESH!!!) Read the release note for the installation details. Followed and it worked fine. And I can finally online at Linux and listens to sounds. (KDE's system sounds are DAMN COOL!) The reason I wanna try Linux is that I wanna utilise my 64-bit processor, besides the fact that I'm a 1st time Linux user. As you know, or might not, winXP is 32-bit, except for winXP 64-bit. I was told you can't do many things in winXP 64-bit. I didn't install it. And I used Linux instead. I ran some game provided by Mandriva 10.2, some 3D game, and it was very laggy. I was surprised. I thought it will work better than 32-bit environment. I was wrong I guess. Or maybe I should try to downlaod some 3D 64-bit game for Linux. Doom3 is an example I found online, which is always used to test the performance. I will keep updating about the Linux and some computer things I found useful. Stay bookmarked. p/s: I have spent few night staying awake till 4/5am... to work on this, and you-know-what. I think I should start to get back to sleeping at 1/2am, soon...

Happie Holiday!

Bon Vacances! That is, erm, should be the french for HAPPIE HOLIDAY! After my finals on, erm, forgot when.. should be the end of april, I am considered a GRADUATE, from my diploma, thou. Spent the final karaoke session in diploma year with Jennie straight after our last paper. It was fun. I'll sure to miss you, Jennie. Few days after that, it was labour day. Don't ask. I was at home and did not go anywhere, practically. Went on shopping with my dear at night, in preparation to camerons! Been on camerons with my dear and another couple. It was nice. The weather is nice. Strawberry Park is nice. The suite we got is nice. The room is nice. The time spent together is nice. Enjoying like its our home, feels damn great! Just one thing. I didn't managed to load much strawberries, especially strawberry jam! And tea, etc... Lesson got from cameron trip: > Japanese Instant Bowl Noodle is DAMN NICE!!! > Remember to load lotsa strawberries if you like! > A really good place for photo people and green people (I'm both, but I don't do them that often) > Cheese-stuffed hotdog is DAMN NICE!!! > Mahjong is a very very interesting game! (Ah kong teached us how to play, basic ones thou) > Driving on hill needs auto gear 2, rather than D, to prevent brake burn, but uses more petrol > Rest areas on North South Highway is very hi class adi. > Balanced meal is VERY important. After this, I have like, 3 more weeks of holz to go... Want to spend it wisely! XD hopefully..

Thursday, May 11, 2006

"Fun and Facts" competition - What is 'in' and 'out'?

"Hey Kent! It has been long! How are you? Oh, I heard you went for audition for the talent quest. Did you get in?" I said. "Hey, yup, it has been long. Wow, you do receives news don't you? Sad to say, I did not get IN." 'In' is used to describe a situation where you are selected for some events here, or most correctly refering to a position where you are doing or being in something. For example, "Aiks! But then I have heard your voice, it is quite good! I still remember last time when you perform on stage, and that time you were in a very cool outfit. With your guitars and voice, all of the audience immersed in you show! You were like a star!" As you can see, 'in' is also used to describe when you are being in a cool outfit, and got in the show. Kent replied humbly, "Naw, I ain't that good. They were a lot more talents out there and you have not seen it." 'Out' however is the opposite of 'in', where it means to look at a broader horizon, for example 'out there'. "Don't worry too much, I'm sure there is someone out there who will appreaciate your talent. By the way, do you want to hang out some other days? I would love to go out with you!" "Gee thanks! I need some time out as well." Kent answered with enthusiasm. 'Out' is also used to describe a situation where you want to enjoy the day and have fun at a mall or some places of interest by going out and hanging out. It is also used to describe a feeling of relaxation by having a time out.