Monday, August 30, 2010


Sometimes, I feel like singing out loud
Sometimes, I feel like torturing myself
Like the best singer on earth where everyone stands and applause after every song
Like the desperate psycho wandering around looking for everything and nothing

I just realize one of my favourite Japanese song was a very popular song in Japan and is sung by a singer who has the same birthday as me!
玉置浩二 Kōji Tamaki -- 悲しみにさよなら 向悲哀說再見

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Re-reading the old posts

I happen to read some of my older posts here again. There has been a tremendous growth in me. But all of these experiences are not to be forgotten. Reading them again gives me inspiration to move on. I am really glad I keep a blog. Do you? =D

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Quotes to ponder

I was ranting to a dear friend, and he feel dissatisfied with something I said. He remarked, "If people don't pressure you, you won't move." I think he is right. I lack that consistently running engine to rev myself up. This includes many things in live. I need to find some source to keep the engine hot and running!

I was reading a book about human body, and the writer says the following:

-- 吴清忠《人体使用手册》
I have not been having enough sleep. I think it is time for me to sleep now. Good night and sweet dreams!

Monday, June 21, 2010

I 'love' marking papers

I am now (well actually since last month) doing some marking, and I am extreamly bored of doing it! Repetitive, and tiring. I like to mark those which is properly done, but not those which are done half way. Either all or nothing. I hate those which is hanging half way. I like those which is done fully. I think, doing a job fully, correctly, effiently and effectively is very important. I think this is what all need to learn. Should I think of a way to make my way of marking easier or more effective? Well, no time for this. I need to get the marks ready by tomorrow morning. ARGH~~~~!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Body System

I came across this very gross yet meaningful clip about a guy who was injured. His skin and flesh was cut off and exposing his inner organs including throat, intestines and others. This clip was shot in the hospital and he was still alive during the recording. The clip shows the throat's motion when he is breathing, and some of the blood vessel movements.
It was meant to show his will to live on is strong, thus he was still able to survive at that moment. I am not sure how did he ended, but he conveyed a good message. We must have a strong will to live on.
By this, it has crossed my mind that our body actually works as a system. We ought to follow how it works. Sleep, eat, rest, desire...
I think it is time for me to go to bed. =D


My room is cluttered with a lot of unnecessary stuff, such as receipts, old notes, used notebooks and dust. I was thinking to clean up a bit, even at such wee hour.
I wanted to move my desktop system unit from the floor onto the cupboard so I have more leg room and the unit can have more fresh air. I got myself a nice box to keep the unnecessary stuff. I did not start packing until everyone has slept, which is about 2am plus.
I felt a bit sleepy at that moment. But I thought, let me just do it. And so I started to tidy up the mess.
I found a few textbooks, some old photos from my secondary school graduation, graduation book for primary and secondary school, notes, and some memorable items.
It was good to read about the past again. I feel like I have grown up already. But yet, I am still well aware that I have lots of room for improvement. Comparing the comments given by my ex-classmates, I think I am more matured compared to last time. I am feeling good about it.
I did some improvisation on the new teaching technique, and it did work somehow. I should try this more. As I am talking about this, I need to get a whiteboard asap.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Blogging again :)

It has been quite some time since I really sit down and write about my feelings. It just did not cross my mind that I need to write them down. Perhaps, it was because this is in the public domain. Well, I will try to get past that.
It is the school holiday now. I did something which I don't do usually. I took a break.
I went back to my mummy's hometown; I had some extra sleep which I don't get usually; I learnt a lesson or two; I formatted my desktop; I completed some month-long pending task and etc.
Something to share here:
My performance video during the teacher's day.
As with any business letter, you should end appropriately; “Yours sincerely” when you are writing to a named recipient, and “Yours faithfully” when you do not know who will be receiving the letter. ~
Besides this, I got in touch with my English teacher to ask her for help in some matter regarding English. She did her best to help me. In addition, we shared about our experience in teaching, and she has inspired me to try out new methods in teaching.
I am feeling satisfied. I think it is time to go to bed. I need to wake up real early for a fresh start in the school. Lights out. =D

Saturday, March 13, 2010


I am so bored I decided to write this here. Full stop. Dot. Lols. Time to sleep. Dot. Hahahahahhahahahahha. Gaga. Mr Gaga. Gag-ga. Ga. Garena. Bored. Bo-re-duh. Duh damba. La Bamba. Khalil. Whee~ Thanks for reading. Whee~