Monday, October 03, 2005

Grandpa Birthday Dinner

Today I went for my grandpa's birthday's dinner. Went over to this restaurant in Subang Village near the Subang Airport. Sunny Seafood Restaurant. Aww.. the place damn sux ler~ All the food tasted sooo bad. Fish and meat aare so raw that it couldn't be eaten. *_* SUX!! Here is the list of dishes ordered: Steamed Chicken Steamed Fish Streamed Pork Ribs Hakka-Fried Pork Tofu SharkFin Petai (Smelly beans) with minced meat, without chillis Baku Vege, without chillis Longevity Noodles All these dishes are even worse than home cooked. The steamed chicken was ok, the fish was too raw and tasted fishy, and the pork rib was too raw too. Hakka-Fried Pork was ok, and the Tofu Sharkfin was.. eww.. its like all mixed up together. The petai and the baku vege should be cooked with sambal as those are Malay dishes, without sambal it tasted really badly. I know it is not going to taste good so I didn't even touch those dishes. Rumours says those dishes are cooked without sambal is because of my uncle. The only thing I like is just the longevity noodles. This restaurant really sux ler~ We waited for sooo long then only the dishes arrives, and the food tasted sooo badly. I wonder who ordered these dishes.. all these are normal dishes where it can be cooked at home. If it is a birthday dinner, can't we order more special things? I have done my say. Thank you.