Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Some little evaluation on OpenOffice,org

I am in Lab now, doing some laboratory work assigned by Dr Zhang Weidong. My third subject in Liverpool John Moores University.

I discovered that the computer is installed with both 2.0 and Microsoft Office 2003. Since I know how to use MsWord already, I opted to use Writer, and see how it works.

Two of the things I have used is table function and picture function.

Table function:
Pretty good function, but it operates different compared to MsWord. Need to explore a little before getting used to it.

Picture function:
No mouse controlled cropping. If cropping is needed, you will have to modify it in the properties. Not too convenient. But it has some nice effects which can be used, which it can convert the pictures to charcoal sketches, which I don't think MsWord has this. Any picture can be washed out and sketched by charcoal. Cool effect! There are also Sharpen, Blur, Mosaic, Polarize, Solarize, Aging, Pop Art etc.

Hope they would improve on the cropping since MsWord 2007 can crop at the very detail level.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Oversea Anxiety

Sorry for not updating this for so long. I know I should have written about my experience in Liverpool for a very very long time. I am in Liverpool at the end of May, and it has been 5, 6 weeks since I am here. I tried to fit in, adjust myself to the local weather, food, and all sorts of craps. And I still miss Malaysia. Currently, I am anxious about my future in Liverpool. Not to that extend that I want to live here or so, but at least a plan on what I want to do, stay and stuff like that after I finish my course here. My course ends at early September. My initial plan was to work for a month plus, then travel for another month, which sounds fantastic to me. Things which I worry about is, will anyone hire me? Will I have a place to stay? Will I be fit enough to survive? These are the basic survival needs, and I am worried about it. Other than that, I worry about where to go in Europe. Things has been vague. I have no idea where I am heading. Hopefully things will be set straight as soon as possible. Ah... I miss Malaysian food!