Wednesday, February 02, 2005

My first trip to an Indian-style marriage

After Steve got me to the monorail, Stephanie called me. She told me that Ema’s sis wedding ceremony will on tonight! Why she didn’t tell me earlier? Luckily my parents allowed me to go despite I was out this noon. My sis followed me, as Steph came fetch us there. We were an hour late while we were there. The temple looked nice, the ceremony looked nice. The lights, the decors, the clothes, the crowds, the newly-weds and the heat. As you know Indians light up lots of stuff and wear so many Jasmine flowers (I think it is Jasmine). The air was stuffy and no fan for the newly-weds. The bride was sweating like she just had a bath! All her mates were wiping sweat off until they ran out of tissues! Steph and Ema were my ex-colleague while I was working as an assistant at my ex-secondary school computer lab. Steph is my pet sister too! Taking about Ema, she looked damn great that night! Here is Steph and Ema. Somebody walked around with some yellow rice grains. People took it, and I was wondering why. Nearly the end of the ceremony, not knowing what happened, after the newly-weds exchanged their Jasmine flower necklace, everybody threw the yellow rice at them. I guess it is just like the Christian’s marriage. Then, the dinner was served. It wasn’t like Chinese, where they wait for all people to sit and send up the food. It was an Indian vegetarian buffet. I like Indian food actually, and the meal was great! Especially the rice – Nasi Briyani! I’m thinking, maybe I’ll have an Indian style wedding ceremony too! Haha! The bears in front of the wedding car. So nice~

Day after the hair cut

Haiz… The hairstyle I got was supposed to be shown in a good way, but the foolish me was unable to get it right! Was I missing the correct the ingredient (wax/clay/spray) or I’m not born to be a hair stylist? Well, I guess I’m both. :’( Today I went out with Alex to Sungei Wang that area. I wasn’t in mood to go out tat day actually, he persuaded me – by saying Steve was out with them too. O… It’s Steve, the Mr. Nice Portuguese-Chinese Guy whom I met last swimming session with Alex. After talking to him, it was nice. Well, I’d like talk to him more often, coz he is really a guy with something in him. So, I went out with them. I bath and tried to get my hair look like yesterday. However, my genes failed me. Never mind, it’s ok. I’ll just look like a young innocent guy. So, as on the journey, the driver (Alex) was to pick up another person. So I thought, the car was already filled with 4 persons, Alex, Alvin, Chris and me, who else will get on board? I heard Alex said ‘Ray’. Hmm… familiar name. Do I know him? I don’t know. Anyway, another new friend for today I guess. To my surprise, it was my old friend (He changed his nickname). So, we both were surprised. So, we went chattering all the way to our destination, while all the other 3 was in silent mode. We’re supposed to meet Steve and another guy (I forgot his name) at Lot 10 food court, while we have our 4pm lunch there. One thing I saw interesting was that 2 girls was sitting at a table held a binocular each. I was wondering what they were trying to peek. As I turn around, I saw a table of young cute guys. OMG, nowadays girls are so daring. I planned to go Times Square and go for arcade, so I asked them whether they want to join. I need to be at home at 7pm, so if they are not to follow, I’ll go there myself. As Alex knew I am prone to play the dancing machine, he asked them to follow me. It was raining. I suggest running there, but Steve do not want that. I was wondering why. It’s like he has applied makeup and do not wanna get them wet. So, we got on for monorail. The queue was damn long! Lucky the guys were smart and got the ticket early. So we proceeded. After I finished my tokens, it was time for me to leave. Steve asked to accompany me. Why not? So we chattered to monorail station. He then told me, I danced good – amongst the people he knew. Great! I’m happy anyway.