Monday, January 23, 2006

When trouble follows examinations...

Today is my first day of examination for the 5th semester a.k.a. 2nd year 2nd semester in my diploma college life. Paper examined - Advance Engineering Mathematics 1. Before this paper starts, I have encountered with quite some troubles. Well, most of them is because I am careless. Yesh, I'm some careless freako. I shall go back in time. 1 week before the first paper I was damn bored at home. Couldn't really concentrate on studies. Or shall I say, I didn't study at all? Went over to Jennie's on Wed, I think, thought of studying with her, but then end up ordering Domino's online. It was damn nice. Pizza. Ultimate Hawaiian Chicken Pepperoni. RM 26.80. Delivery 10 minutes late. Did not get free pizza voucher. Then ate at Friday's with my dear, shared Shrimp and Half Ribs. It was damn nice too. RM 128. Laze around at home, boring, boring, bored. Did not even try to look at the books. In addition to having cleaning sessions at home, I was not in mood to study. But I had done something great. I finally packed my wardrobe, my desk, and my room. Yesh! At last... The way I wanted. Nice and clean. Yesh, I did clean it. Cleaned all the webbings and dirt which had stayed there for like, 4 years? This is my desk. Amazingly it can be that organized. I didn’t expect it to be that organized. My laptop, then my Sonic Gear Tatoo-330, above the subwoofer is my books then the rack on top of it. At the edge of the table is the current affairs partition, then all the scrap papers are used as my mouse pad, and some other stuffz there. And the pencil holder in front of the subwoofer is holding some useless stuffz. And the magnificent stuff hanging at the edge of the rack is a paper holder, holding whatever interesting. This is my notice board in the room. Not that organized, but it is meant to keep my room less plain. Together with some of my memorable stuffz. Then there is this cupboard underneath the board, which contains stuffz I would hide, and don’t ask. Finally had a collection of my own set of grooming stuffz. Clean & Clear Foaming Facial Wash, Men’s Bioré Facial Foam and Scrub (Sample), Nivea Deodorant (hidden), and the White Musk set from The Body Shop I bought as a Mother’s Day present for my mum. She didn’t use it because she could not stand the smell. And only after HALF A YEAR she is willing enough to pass it down to me. 1 day before the first paper The day before the first paper is a Sunday. Talked to Joshi-kun last night, kind of promised to meet today at the night market. After my dinner with my family, I went out with him. Had a walk in the market. It was jammed with humans. We went off to go for a drink instead, with Ed-chan and Izaac. Went to Green Town and had a drink and some snack. Their Fried Hotdog sucked. Imagine frying hotdog the Chinese way, with onions and chilies. Had a good yum-char time. Happy things do ends. I got traumatized by my dad for reaching home late. When I got the message from my sister saying my dad was angry at me and locked the gate, I was really lost. Joshi-kun then rushed to send me home. After I reached home, I saw the gate was really locked. I called my sister to open the gate for me. Before I get to enter the house, I have to get 1 round of scolding by my mum. There is just one thing. I had to SNEAK into my house. Pathetic. Reason my dad got angry at me – Not home before 12. After I got in the house, I charged my phone. My phone battery died after dinner, so I did not get anything since then. My sister contacted me through Joshi-kun. After I turned on my phone, I got more surprises. My di(Jeremy) told me his bike is stolen. Then some angel contacted me and talked to me about some stuffz regarding reaching home late. It traumatized me. Both the things. After getting all the traumatism, I couldn’t sleep. Moreover I did not really finished studying. I tried to sleep. I couldn’t. I woke up, switch on the computer, and online. I wanted to listen to some really nice songs, which will soothe me. You and Me – Lifehouse Kiss Me – Sixpence None the Richer Tong Hua – Guang Liang (童话 – 光良) Emotion – Destiny Childs Take a Bow – Madonna Walk Me Home – Mandy Moore Luxurious – Gwen Stefani Chocolate – Kylie Minogue Stickwityou – Pussycat Dolls I Do – Rain I watched the MTV of ‘Walk Me Home’, it sucked; and totally killed my impression of Mandy Moore in ‘A Walk to Remember’ movie. After the song treatment, I felt much better. It was then 2.30 am. It is time to sleep. Suddenly my sister came into my room. It was her turn to feel traumatized. We talked for a while, and listening to ‘Luxurious’. After we felt much better, she went back to her room, and I climb onto my sweet loving cuddly bed. Few hours before the first paper I woke up quite late. It was already 10 am. I got ready and proceed to Jennie’s place. We discussed about past year questions and stuffz. When it was half an hour to exam, we got ready to leave to college. I check my examination stuffs, stationeries, ID, exam slip. OMG. I forgot my exam slip! 30 minutes before the first paper Jennie accompanied me to the examination department and got a temp exam slip. Jennie was shocked to see so many people went and ask for temp slip. She really was. And she said, the people issuing the temp slip must be damn angry. Erm, guess so… Few seconds before the first paper I was damn blur because I didn’t bring my exam slip. When I got in the exam hall, I didn’t bring my calculator, I wrote the attendance slip wrongly… I tried to calm myself. During the first paper It went well surprisingly. Although some questions I not sure, it still went well. I was glad. After the first paper It was great after finishing the first paper. I felt like studying for exam already. Went over to Jennie’s for a while, and we ate ICE-CREAM! It was nice! When I got home, I have a plan on my mind. I thought of bathe, then watch the finale of one Hongkie series then blog this post, then pack stuffs for the next paper to study. It was ruined. When I was watching the series half way, suddenly power went off. NO POWER!!! No power at 9 PM!! That’s so early! I sat around, listen to MP3, talked on the phone with Ed-chan, then Joshi-kun, then slept. I was really hoping the power would come back before I sleep. Sadly, it came back at 4am. 4 freaking am. I was sleeping like baby already. The word 'Fook' I took when its no power, the shadow of the fate-twisting bamboo.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Am I just lucky or what?

who? 3 freakin jobless Malay wandering around the street underneath Bandaraya star LRT station who wanted to steal coins from the soft drink vending machine where? on the walkway from Bandaraya star LRT station to Bank Negara KTM station how? I was walking past the vending machine, kinda saw them and they called me, I ignored them and walked on. They then came up to me from behind and tell me to give them RM 10, kinda politely and said he don't want to do this with knife. I didn't have. I just offered them my RM 4. Obviously they are disappointed, then they asked what handset I'm using. I don't want to risk my handset, so I just sneaked off to the side. The guy approached me got held on to my bag, but then I forced the bag to stay with me and ran off. That guy used his fist and punched my ear, he didn't aim well enough to hit my face. Then I just ran off. There was a lot of people there, but no one seemed to care. Or they are just too afraid to care. Malaysians. Scared to get involved. Well, I kinda do believe that other people would also assume nothing happened. I saw a lot of these cases happening, but I dare not to do anything, because I was alone... Ah well, I guess I just try not to look at those threatening person next time. Thank god I'm still alive and nothing happened to me.