Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Describe feline from your inner-self. This description will change in time. Currently to me, feline is hostile. Hope this will change in time.


Choices is perhaps one of the most stressful word humans come across. Whatever we do, we will have to choose.

Recently I have been wandering if I have chosen the right thing, and those choices are of a big deal. My course of study, and some personal things.

I could not say that I have comtemplated about them lying on my bed, because that is so not me. But at times, these choices came across my mind. New inputs coming into my life which I particularly liked them. Perhaps I got that passion from my past life, but I have not been working on them.

Chances found their way to me. Should I take it or leave it? But I have commitments, I could not just take it and break those commitments, but I can't bear to let those chances slipped away.

Choices. *laughs weakly, sighs*