Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Stresses - Sep 01, 2008

There has been a long time since I have wrote down my feelings.

I was seriously devastated few weeks ago, acting totally bizarre. Tasks stacked and feelings are awry.

Things I was stressed about was:

1.) Water

There was a small 1 day water construction in the hostel, causing waters not working for a day. After that day, the water pressure was really really low. If a person uses water, another can't use it. It caused a big problem especially when everyone wants to shower, or brush teeth and stuff like that. This problem lasted for a few weeks.

We lodged a complaint to the accommodation staff, and they sent some maintenance staff to have a look over the problem. There was a blockage at the main valve.

Thank God, Buddha, Jesus and the maintenance staff this problem is over. Now I can shower happily without needing to worry about water problem. Yay!

2.) Financial problems

I was worried about some bank transaction problems. I paid my credit card via Internet banking, and was checking on the balance. It says it will take them 3 working days before the balance is updated, but I think it took more than that, thus I was worried dead that my money might have gone to somewhere else. But thank goodness its OK after 1 or 2 days.

Then I was worried about the travelling expenses as well. But many many thanks to my dear parents, especially my dad for sending some extra money for me to travel. Love you lots Daddy!

Now, I am worried about the budget and expenses that me and my mates, most things is not ready yet, for example, the money about what we have booked (transport and accommodation). This should be settled soon so that everyone can get ready for the tour. But I have yet to do it because I am supposed to do assignment now.

3.) Assignments and Exams

Sometimes I am really afraid that I might not do well in the previous exams, I have this kind of phobia which I am afraid I might fail, which is a very negative thinking.

Now, this is my final assignment in my Bachelor Degree studying period, and the upcoming exam on Wednesday will be my last examination in my Bachelor Degree studying period.

As what Jon told me, this is the last ones. Don't SCREW it up.

Yes, I will try my best to do them now. Fighting!

Now I have written this down, I can concentrate on scoring the assignment and examination!

Well, there are more stresses as well, but they are not as pain-in-the-ass as the previous three.

  • Confirming the exact places to go in various places
  • To go or not to go Belgium
  • What clothes to bring for tour
  • Musics which I need to put in my phone for the tour
  • Supplements to buy for the tour
  • Memory spaces for photo storage (My HDD in my laptop is almost full)
  • and so on... (mostly tour related) :-p

Up till now, I think I should be OK dealing with them. Thanks for listening! *hugz*