Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Why dinasour extinct

You must wonder why I suddenly come up with this. Actually, my lecturer told me this. Althought we must have heard they extinct because comet dropped on earth. Yes. That's the main cause. But wat happen after the comet crash is what should be paid attention. Scientists discovered large crate (holes left by comet) in the sea, this proves that the comet really dropped on earth. In many writings, they says earth has been through Ice Age. It's true. Now, let me explain. Comet crashed on earth at high speed and extream heat, reaching 5000˚c, which is far hotter than earth's highest melting point object, diamond, which is merely 3500˚c. So, basically all object melted when the comet crashed. The vaporation of the melted object in form of dusts and carbons covered the whole atmosphere, thus sunlight could not warm the earth. And then, the Ice Age begins. So, as the explanation goes, do you think dinasours are able to survive in 5000˚c? If they happen to be at the other side of the world, could they survive at a temperature way below 0˚c? What do they at to survive when plants even died? So, they extinct. Then, another age begins. Wow, looks like something in "The Day After Tomorrow". ^.^

Monday, May 30, 2005

State 4 of College - State Starts

Urghh.. After 6 weeks of unplanned holidays ended, I found myself having a hardcore timetable for my 4th semester in college. Ahhhh!! Okay, on the 1st day, still okie ler... First class, Circuits & Signals's practical class. Oh Shit. How can we have practical on the first day? Well, we had. The teacher haven't even introduce himself, he gave us the lab manual and ask us to do the experiment already. Well, luckily I paid attention 300+ days ago, cause that is the continuation of the subject I learnt - "Basic Electronics". So, plugging here soldering there, we managed to do the experiment. Well, as it's on the first day, all equiptments we did not bring. So, we had to borrow from school. Ahh well, it's ok thou. Next time must remember to bring the DMM (Digital Multi-Meter). Then, lunch time ^.^ I had my usual mixed rice, and damn the canteen, the mixed rice price got up too. It's RM1.90!! It was 10 cents cheaper! Well, the food aren't that good, and aren't that clean, that's why I'm whining. Then, a must-take subject ordered by the government - "Tamadun Islam dan Asia", literaly means "Islamic and Asian Civilization". So, got to know the teacher, then she was talking about how good Islam is, how was back then, why the people were fighting in Jeruselam of Pakistan (erm. actually, all of them have the same belief, just that the different prophet conducted different message, and people got more selfish). Erm, the teacher told lots of stuff. I hope the information is correct, and I think is good that the government enforce that. Yay... 1st day of 2nd year of 1st semester ended. Felt great~ ^^ Looking forward for tomorrow~ ^^

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Blog Competition

<<>> Sad... Sometimes I wonder, is my blog attractive? Keeping a log about one's life is that easy? Writing blog is cool? Oh shit, what am I crapping here? Huuh... Just felt stupid for keeping a blog when no one reads it. Hmm... Playing Now << 手放开 - 李圣杰 >> Huuh... Added some features in my blog, Google search, Google ads, Bravenet Counter, changed layout... Should I spend time create my own template? Haizz... I'll do it sometime, not now. College starting soon. All the honeymoon memories will be kept in mind. Hopefully the missing-someone part will be much enlightening then burdoning.
Dear, you sometimes just made me miss you too much... You are good la.
Blog Blog... Be nice ok? Don't worry. I'll spend time to write to you. ^^

I'm BILL CLINTON! ~ ah.. shut up..

A personality test I took. Hmm.. well, it did describe some of me. Haha.
Global Personality Test Results
Stability (37%) moderately low which suggests you are worrying, insecure, emotional, and anxious. Orderliness (43%) moderately low which suggests you are, at times, overly flexible, improvised, and fun seeking at the expense of reliability, work ethic, and long term accomplishment. Extraversion (63%) moderately high which suggests you are, at times, overly talkative, outgoing, sociable and interacting at the expense of developing your own individual interests and internally based identity.
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Ooo.. My real birth-month? 0.o

Your True Birth Month Is February
Sharp Ambitious Spendthrift Loves reality Loves freedom Temperamental Low self esteem Honest and loyal Abstract thoughts Daring and stubborn Changing personality Showing anger easily Intelligent and clever Loves aggressiveness Quiet, shy and humble Learns to show emotions Rebellious when restricted Determined to reach goals Superstitious and ludicrous Dislikes unnecessary things Realizing dreams and hopes Too sensitive and easily hurt Loves entertainment and leisure Romantic on the inside not outside Loves making friends but rarely shows it
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Feeling a bit weird. Haha.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Is cat that responsive, or just stupid?

Here is a link to a very manipulative show, where they found out what cat would do if its stucked. My language is not that good and if you think I'm wrong, please post me a comment.

Bus fare got up T.T

Omg, bus fare got up! Seet.. Today my college has its orientation for new student intake, which means my junior, n that made me a senior ^.^ I wore a bit extream today, yet i felt great. Following the routine like i used to stick with, being called up by sis, booming me up wif my mp3 player n my sonic gear tatoo 330, bath, dress n impress self with mirror. After an unusually prepared milo (i usually lazy to prepared), i went off to ktm, then got on bus.
Permata kiara 170, i got on the usually nicely air conditioned bus with radio on-air. Opps. I saw price gone up. The rm1.20 i prepared isn't enough already. T.T It's rm1.50! T.T
T.T Couldn't help being sad. Luckily i prepared extra jz in case. Strange things do happen one shot. The bus i got on stopped half way, where only two passenger were on it. Me n another guy. The driver halt a less conditioned 191 n v got on. Still sad about the 30cent raise. T.T mom, i'm going to ask for more allowance liao. Don't blame me. Blame the bus company.
PS: The bus fare has gone up since 1st of May, if I'm not mistaken, same zone ticket goes up 20 cents, cross 1 zone ticket goes up 30 cents and cross 2 zon ticket goes up 40 cents. Just bring more coins when you take bus. Why the bus fare got up? Damn the petrol raise.

Friday, May 20, 2005

TARC Students please take note

Rumours about TARC's certificates is not accredited by any government body is not true. I have consulted with one of TARC's lecturer. He says tat TARC is considered as IPTA. LAN is the body appointed to accredit IPTS (Private Higher Learing Institution) such as Help, Taylor, etc. So, TARC are same level as UM/UKM/other government higher learning institution. Certs for these institution are accreditted by MOHE (Ministry of Higher Education). Therefore, do not suspect TARC's efficiency.
All the Best and Good Luck to all TARC students!!
Do pass this message around.

Pics with Jien

If you are Malaysian or Singaporean you should know Soo Kui Jien right? During the last day of Malaysian Idol (should be, or the next day), Jien walked around Times Square, and my friend Alex no.2 spotted him. So, he quickly ask Jien to take a picture with him. OMG. I wish I'm there.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Strange Dream about Julienne

I have a pal, Julienne, She has been busy since March of this year, and did not actually have a good chat with her. Strangely enough, I don't know why I dreamt of her. Haven't kept in touch with her for I think about 2 months. I wonder how is she now. I learnt a way to record dream is to put a notepad or recorder around you when you sleep. Once you got up, jot down every details fresh in your memory. Else, the dream will go off. So, if you are interested, you can give it a try. How knows you can save someone from trouble? About the dream, it goes this:
I remembered it was at my ex-school's back door, attending Physical Education classes (Pendidikan Jasmani). Julienne drove in and parked, look for my teacher, or some teacher near by. She was an admin member of the school, I felt it was Pn. Aw. She asked for some permission to do something, and then went off. If I am not mistaken, I was at Form 5 that time, cause I saw my classmates.
Then, at another plot, another time, Julienne asked me to go out, to some accident scene. I didn't go. Then, I don't know how I got on her car, her Kancil was a bit out of shape, as if it has been in accident. She was fetching me and some other people to some place, or some special occasion. I heard about the crash news, I was shocked and ran home. Later, Julienne called, asked me whether I want to go to her mother's friend's birthday party. Then, I woke up.
Strange right? I wonder is there any dream reader out there. If you are reading this, can you please decode the dream and tell me any hint hidden in it in the comment? Thanks a lot. In the end, I was worried about Julienne, I smsed her and told her about this, she replied: "Choi! Choi!". To those who knows chinese should know this right? For those who don't, it is similar to "Touch-wood". So, we replied some smses, she said she was ok, and we told each other to take care.

Monday, May 16, 2005

without teachers, who are we?

Accidentally saw a Teachers Day advertisement on TV. OMG.. damn touching.. the school was at a rural area, where electrical supplies are fuel base.. by the mean time it was raining heavily and the electricity tripped.. the male malay teacher went out the rain n check the electricity box, and found out that no fuel liao.. went and add, and then went to classroom.. meanwhile, the children was wanderin y there's no electricity. the scene was a classroom wif projector n laptop facility. (most of the classrooms are installed wif these facilities nowadays) they were tryin to run sumthing on the pc. after the teacher add fuel, the electricity came alive, and went bek to class wet. d monitor and all student stood n greeted "terima kasih cikgu", n then they show over the projector an image saying "happy teachers day" wif small children.. so sweet... u know wat the ending quote is?
tanpa cikgu, siapalah kami?
yea.. without teachers, who are we?

Thursday, May 12, 2005

1st day of home w/o parents bangkok version

Oo.. Parents go holiday~! Great~!! I have the car to myself, can drive anywhere~!! kekeke.. so fun~!! Hmm.. so.. today Joshi was suppose to come at 10am, coz v r on something. I had then actually invited vincent over for lunch. Owell, din want, but i lost a bet, so hv 2 do so.. T.T luckily joshi agreed to pay half, hopefully... so, as i was waiting listenin to classic songs "hw deep is ur love, reunited" (like an old classic man) , i called him. he was still in bed at 9.30am, omg.. i did remind him to sleep early last nite.. c? haiz.. kenot save liao.. dissappointed.. mm.. so.. he arrived at around 12. vincent was a bit obnoxious.. he came n st8 go to my pc and take it as its own.. OMG.. haiz.. another kenot save 1.. sad.. hehe.. vincent n joshi dun mad a.. ^.^ n then ok.. drive to makan~!! go THE CURVE.. Yeah! Upon enterin the curve.. WHOA. Dam BIG. joshi n vincent sed it's like spore style.. i was like.. okaay.. but it's really big n wonderful.. so.. v walked around the food section.. so MANY nice places to eat.. there is a restaurant like western wet market style, where u buy the food and sit down eat, full of western style.. heard fom vince n joshi tat there r quite a lot these restaurants in spore.. oo.. seem like the curve wanna impliment metropolitant style like spore.. mm. good.. ah.. by the way, the restaurant is called Mövenpick Marché Restaurant if i'm not mistaken, jz right beside starbucks. but v din eat in tat restaurant coz i scared expensive, so v went to another restarant, Caffé 1920 (The Curve 1st floor, take the elevator beside TGI Fridays), eat pasta n lasagna ^.^ mm.. quite nice, but the lasagna wasn't well prepared , the cheese was hot but the meat was cold. T.T after i eat half i onli complain.. shit.. they reheat it. n gave me discount and free pastry. ^.^ hehehe... great meal indeed.
These pics r taken by vince w/o my approval... ^^ The pizza Vince eat, "Diacola", RM 14.50 One slice of the pizza My lasagna, Caffé 1920's special made - "Timballo", RM 16.00, and some pastry. The Pepsi vince drink. RM 3.50
then i drive vince bek, stray around in his house, then go home.. after tat, i send joshi to ktm. so.. today's 1st experience..
  • 1st time drive to The Curve
  • 1st time go The Curve
  • 1st time go out with Vincent
  • 1st time drive through toll
  • 1st time belanja makan more than RM50
  • 1st time drive so far
  • 1st time fill petrol
  • 1st time got so many 1st time happened in one day ^.^

Funny, mom n dad, holiday ~ ^.^

Hee hee.. wat a funny day... Today my parents are away to Bangkok on a "lovey-dovey" holiday. Awell, the funny part is actually the moment when i woke up. Not that they r doin anything funny while i do, but its I woke them up instead of them waking me. My parents did ask me 2 fetch them to KTM station (for those who knows I can't drive, nw I can, for some special reasons). I set my alarm clock, phone alarm actually on 6am call. I actually expected lights on when I 1st open my eye. To my shock, total blackout. Hmm, must b not up yet. So, I went to their room and wake them. Ooo.. Great, still sleeping soundly. They didn't even notice me open the door.. I even hear my dad snoring. Usually they woke up quite easily.. I wonder y... mayb the air conditioning was too comfortable.. mm.. feel like sleeping under the cold blanket nw.. ^_^ So, i said softly at the door, "hey, It's 6 o'clock liao!" Surprisingly both of them woke at the same moment.. oo.. while they was preparing, my dad was smiling all alone.. when was waiting for mom to get ready, v sat in the living room. them my mom came ask him y he smiling all alone.. he sed, this is the 1st time I woke them up.. =.= 1st time? no way.. then i argued, for 19yrs living under ur roof i've never woke u up before? o.0 Well, i fetch them there (KTM la, bukan KLIA) and bid gd bye and smooth sailing.. when i was fetching them there, mom kept reminding me about taking care bout my lil bro n sis.. mmm.. pls la.. holiday enjoy la.. i'll take care of everything.. hopefully.

Restarting Blog

Helo everyone, sorry for being out of coverage for so long. Jz nw my lecturer (can b considered a gd pal) ask me about my long forgotted blog (ah well, is just that i lazy to write only). He told me he din visit it long time. I was touched. I thought no one remembers my blog. Another incident, very interesting event. Ema (The one I sed about the indian marriage thingy, refer feb/march 05) needed help on Visual Basic. At the last minutes, i then only realize One of my blog reader, also a very good pal of mine (alex no.2 [there is another alex at previous post]), r quite good in Visual Basic. So, i redirected them. Whoa.. comes out, alex still rememeber i told story about ema and they r like long lost frenz.. ema kept saying good things about alex no.2 in front of me.. whoa.. so sweet... never thought a blog can make such a big difference.. :sob: touching... OK~!! Determined liao~! 1 week must at least hv 1 post.. dun worry.. things r coming.. coz i'm on holiday nw ma. hopefully i can falsh back.. ^_^

~~Bad timing~~

when i was wring this blog on notepad, suddenly my internet got cut off.. my streamyx down~! damn.. coz i delayed paying the bill.. neways, this is my 2nd month using steamyx.. when i started using it.. i got addicted liao.. ^.^ hopefully it recovers soon in the morning.