Friday, July 27, 2007

Funny toes, shocked young couple

I moving towards the long escalator moving down to the ground floor from the LRT platform in KL Sentral. I felt someone pushing me from behind when I was just about to step on the escalator. A girl slipped through my back and stood next to me on the platform of the escalator. She was in a hurry, and rushed down the escalator.

I noticed her toes. She was wearing those slipper-like sandal with a tiny high-heel. Perhaps it was genes, her second and middle toes was sticked together at the lower segment, then branch out the two toes at the upper segment. So it was like it is forming a 'Y'. Interesting. She then rushed down the escalator and was gone for good.

I was on my way to the KTM after I pay my water bills, I saw a security guard escorting a young couple. He was ushering them to the guards room or the management room. I guess they were caught smooching in public. Naughty young couple. Hope they are fine.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Journal of the Day

Rain was almost ending when my class finished at 4pm. Drizzling a little here and there. I packed all my books in my backpack, getting ready to go home. I put on my sweater, covering a book which I borrowed from the library, and walked towards the LRT station.

Halfway to the train station, it rained again. I sighed, but I was lucky because I was underneath of the high-raised railway track. I reached for the foldable umbrella in my backpack, extended it, sheltered myself in the rain.

It was only a few minutes more walk to the station. When I reached the station, I saw two girls trying to run over to a bus stop not far away from the station. After I walk past them, I suddenly thought of helping them. Then I thought, should I help them? How? I did not know what to do, so I just continue my steps.

It took me sometime to reach home. The journey home is tiring, especially with all the books I borrowed. Three of them to be exact. I dosed off on the train to Kepong, as always, provided if I get a seat.

When I reach Kepong KTM station, the rain have not stop yet. I took out my umbrella again, stuffed the book I was holding all the way into my backpack, and walked home with the backpack in front of me. Reason: to avoid rain wetting my backpack, and it require much less energy to carry it.

Same thing happened again. There was this two girls stopped at a shelter and they were deciding whether to run through the rain to their car. I thought, this is the time, I shall try to offer help. They were reluctant to accept my help. Perhaps they are afraid of me. Sweat. I am not scary, am I?

Oh well, I just walked home after that. No turning back. Hope those girls are not sick for not accepting my offer to help.

Neways, I have got a test on DSP tomorrow. Digital Signal Processing. 9am. So damn early. Btw, my classes are 9am everyday. To some extends, it sucks. I am going to study for DSP now. Wish me luck! *hugz*

PS: Umbrella in Britain is known as Brolly. I just found that out. Haha.. Thanks Gor!