Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Proud to say that I am in AMD1!!! Not Advance Micro Devices, but Advance Diploma in Microelectronics in Computer Communication Year 1. (If you read my previous post, I am a AMD user, and proud to be one) Advance year. What should I say about it. This is already the forth week and ten more weeks to go for exam, and I am stuck in the middle of nowhere. The subjects I am having this semester is: ASIC (Application-specific Intergrated Circuit) Design I >> Ms Ng Swee Chin, Mr Ang Boon Kiat Electricity & Magnetism >> Mr Chong Nyok Kian Advance Engineering Maths III >> Mr Wong KY, Mr Teo Internet Programming >> Ms Lee PS Pendidikan Moral >> Ms Gan Siew Cu Let me talk about them one by one. ASIC Design This subject teaches us how to use a hierachical approach to design an application-specific integrated circuit. For example, our mobile phone. We devide them into subsystems and then we partition them again into smaller subsystems until we can represent them in circuits, or any other conceptual methods such as K-map, Truth Tables, State Diagrams etc. > I think Ms Ng really did a good job in teaching us digital logics and how this ASIC functions. She teaches better than any other lecturers. I will attend all her classes. Her classes are not to be missed. For Mr Ang, he is just a practical tutor, as ever playful. Electricity and Magnetism This is a hardcore physics subject. Totally theory. Includes a lot of vectors, and all previous basic physics equations, which I have forgotten all of them. > Mr Chong does a much better job than Mr Lim LS, where he show us the picture of physics. But he is damn slow in teaching. Puts me to sleep. Lullaby rating: So-so. Advance Engineering Maths III I liked maths actually. But I dislike integration and trigonometry, especially when they are combined together. The topics this semesters are all integrations and trigonometries. Come along with vectors, matrices etc. > Mr Wong KY teaches vectors for now, will be teaching matrices as well. Note: all includes with integration. He has the deepest voice among all lecturers who had taught us and no doubt his lulluby rating is Excellent! > Mr Teo however teaches Fourier Series which relates with periods and again contains a lot of integrations, sines and cosines. Do you know what's the worst part? By-parts integration. His voice is damn deep as well, but he can't fight with Mr Wong. Lulluby Rating: Good. Internet Programming Talks about A new server-side technology which works on Microsoft .NET framework. We are learning it using C# programming language. Good lesson plans, good lesson materials. Good job to Computer Science Division. > No comment on Ms Lee. Nice lecturer. Typical. But something amazing about the lab. One of the lab we go to has a internal forum and file sharing network! I was so surprised! It is done by the lab assistants in the lab. Damn cool! I'll bring my portable HDD and download all of them! Hehe. Btw, it is lab D103. Pendidikan Moral Yesh, I still need to attend Moral Education. It talks about all the theories rather than the moral values and teaches us to evaluate different situations with different moral theories and point of view. My assignment is about war, and I am so blur about it. > Ms Gan has a very strong and high-pitched voice. She differs from other lecturer, thats why I don't really sleep in her class. Haha. Lulluby Rating: Bad. There is just one small little thing which I don't really like. Today is the 2nd time a lecturer ask me whether did I watch too much football thats why I am so blur and slept in class. FIFA World Cup huh... Aih. The reason is because I was sleep deprived, and their class is slow and boring. Btw, I am the course representative now, and I would have to really discipline myself so that I do not embarassed my course AMD1. Introducing my fellow coursemates. Goh Kee Ming as Assistant Course Rept, Lee Li Khim as Tresurer, Lum Chan Fai as Photostat Manager, and Ng Tian Soo as Sports Representative. Thats all, 5 person in a course. Cool huh? My plan now, is to really got to complete all my tutorials and assignments on time and not to rush like what I did last time...

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The refurbished KTM

I was on my way home from college on Monday as usual, taking KTM to Kepong from the KL Sentral Station. In a short wait, the train arrived. It was the oldest model of train KTMB is still using to commute the passanger. To my surprise, it was refurbished. The old model which looks like a long distance passanger train was modified and it looked so COOL! They removed two rows of seats closest to the door and removed the barrier as well! A quite futuristic look I must say. This model of train used to be the most dreaded model of train especially during rush hours because it will be damn full of people and those standing near the door will be stuffed dead coz too much people, heat, stuffiness and suffocation. Good news to all those commuters who take KTM during rush hour. And WELL DONE to KTMB. But then when I was taking the KTM on Tuesday, 20.06.2006 (Yes, the special date. Whoa! So many special dates this year. Congratz to PJ coz recognised as a CITY!) the old model train was not furbished. I guess maybe they have not implement this concept on all the train. Seriously when I got on the refurbished train, it feels like a new train where I can smell the scent of new and/or renovated thingies. it was a great time on the train. Another thing I discovered was, there was a lot of announcement today. And this I must really say that the announcer of KTM is much better than announcer of the Star LRT. I can't even make out any word from the announcer especially on the Star LRT cabin! I always liked the voice of the KL Sentral announcer. His voice is good. Crisp and clear. Good command of Bahasa Melayu and English. But then, the announcement today occurs because there was a delay on certain train, if I am not mistaken it was the train to Seremban and I saw there was a huge crowd of people waiting to get on the train. Poor people. KTMB, you really need to pay attention on your operations as there are more commuters everyday because of the fuel price. Improve your services and make a great difference to our lives! Btw, there is a new destination added by KTMB. Kepong Sentral! Not sure what is the use anyway. Try it dudez.