Thursday, April 27, 2006

I lost my phone... Poor Eichi-kun

Name Eichi-kun Age Just celebrated its 2 year 'buy'-day Model Nokia 3200 How it happened It was my 1st paper of my final semester in my Diploma study. It was an exam on 'Advance Engineering Maths 2'. It is about statistics and discrete maths. As all examinations does now, they do not allow students to carry their mobile phone and/or communication devices into the examination hall. In TAR College, we would have to leave it outside the examination hall. What we, the students, usually does it try to hide the phone inside the bag, or just leave the phone at home. As for my case, I would prefer to bring along my phone because I stay quite far from college. It would take me almost an hour to take public to college. Before preparing to get into the examination hall, I kinda took my phone out and checked whether I have any missed call or messages. Then, I put it in my bag, and in the hidden compartment. FYI, in celebration of Eichi-kun's 2-year-old, I change his outfit. It was way cooler than the old outfit. Then, I zip my bag, place it nicely on the floor with my fren's bag on top of mine. Then into the examination hall I go. I have noticed some environmental difference: all the windows in the examination room (I had my exam in classrooms) are covered with papers so sun doesn't shine through. After my exam, I did not get out of the exam room that early. I was taking my own sweet time. By the time I was out, Jaimie, one of my classmates asked me, why my bag was wide open? I was like, HUH? Then when I get closer to see my bag, I knew. My phone was stolen. My another classmate's phone was stolen also. It was a Nokia 7610 if not mistaken. Why only 2 of us? I think back, I think its because the thief saw I put my phone in my bag. Well, thats a pretty expensive lesson... My poor Eichi-kun... I have been with him for two years plus... I used my hard-earned money to buy him... I miss him so much!! I actually kinda wanted back all my messages and contacts, AND MY PHONE STRAP!! (coz it was a couple phone strap I had with my dear) ... if possible... I am a lil scared that all my personal stuffz are exposed. Ah well, too late now. Fairwell Eichikun. I hope you'll find a better master. And I hope you will live a much better life than with me. I'll miss you. T_T

Friday, April 14, 2006

Liking or hating?

Again hear me rant about my college. Erm, is it again? Well, nevermind. Just read and be glad that I am writing this down. Went over to college today, as usual. Feeling bored, as usual. The bus is waiting at Genting Klang to get it full before moving its big fat ass to college which makes me late, as usual. But I was not sleeping in the bus, not as usual. Surpricingly, the day went quite well today. First lesson was practical on Basic Microprocessors. CKN was our tutor. She is kinda new to this subject and, well, sometimes she seek student for answer. Cool huh? Today we were doing an experiment on PIA (Peripheral Interface Adapter), and we need to do something with the interupt. I think I got my program right and my circuit right, but then, it did not work. She was refering to another lecturer who was more experienced, the one who told us why dinosaurs extinct (read back to last year's post), CKK. While he was explaining, she did not understand some part of the explaination. After that, she raised her hand and ask questions. Aww! Isn't that cute?! I am so glad that I had her as my teacher! (Psst, tell you something. CKN and us, the class, we will kaypo about everything during class!) About CKK, well, I am starting to like him I think. Erm, to be honest, I have created quite a bad record for myself. I falls asleep in every lecture. EVERY lecture. Yes, I know. It is cracky. CCK was among those who first complaints about this comfy session I am having. It is not that comfy anyway. Following by all the other ME lecturers... (ME stands for Microelectronics, the course I am taking) Which is one of the reason why I do not really want to stay back at TARC to do my advance diploma. Was talking to Jennie about this. Well, almost all the time we talk about this. And she keeps 'zah' me also. I guess she just knows me too well. I was like asking her, what should I choose after my diploma year, either AdvDip or Utar. She has been asking me to apply for Utar as a precaution and additional option. Hence we move forward to buy the application form from the Admin. "I'm sorry, sold out" was what I got from them. Jennie and I was like WTF?? Utar so 'laku' ahh? The day turned even better after I started listening to my MP3 player with some new songs I got, which I downloaded in before I sleep last night, at 2.30am. Was sharing the songs with Jennie. Wow! There has been sooooooo long since we have ever listened to MP3s during classes. It was much brighter! The day was much brighter! Hmm, I guess I should keep it a habit huh? On the way back, Jennie asked me one thing. She asked, any reason why I do not want to stay for AdvDip. I couldn't give any specific. It was mainly the environment problem. The lecturers, the surroundings, and I think my future coursemates are gonna be only 3 or 4 person. Can I get through that? I don't mind studying, I told her, and myself. I guess I'll just study and get my Degree of John Moores University at Liverpool, UK. Hmm, since I have decided, I guess I should talk to my parents soon. Coz doing over to Liverpool requires at least RM 20k, and Jennie argued RM 30k. Ahh.. Whatever! As long as I got to study there, and do some sightseeing before coming back here. At least I was soaked in the salty water, as the chinese saying goes. =p

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Rant #02 - Grumpy day

Continuing the sleepless frenzy, I slept at 5am. Then I woke up at 7++am. Got a morning call from my dear. Thx dear, you are so sweet! Then I go get ready, called up my friend to pick me up, and ate breakfast - Nasi Lemak! Aww, I was scared that my friend will arrive early, I rushed the breakfast in. I was feeling full then... I guess it was the alcohol chocolate I ate last night, I was feeling hyper in the morning. Well, probably I just faked it to hide the fact that I have only been sleeping for 2 hours. The effect slowly wear off when I got the hard truth about the day, there was a test on Basic Microprocessor and it was totally off my mind! I quickly finish my part in for the practical in the morning, and then I utilise the following half an hour time to read up a little before the test commence. When I was in the class for the test, CCK (the lecturer) was teaching new topics and mentioned that this is already the 2nd last week of the last semester in my diploma year. I can't believe I have been sleeping through all the diploma year. Yesh, I am a pig in class. People see my disregard because I sleep in their class. Oh well, I do feel suckish about that too okay FYI? Before and during the test, I sensed that CCK kept 'zah' me. I was really frustrated by his annoying act and ... ARGH!! I just hate it. I didn't managed to finish my test, but I managed to do most of them anyway. Lucky I read before the test. Meanwhile the lecture and the test, I was feeling damn sleepy, effects wear off. Besides the CCK 'zah' me thingy, I was feeling suckish about that. Lunch time. It was ... okie. But then, I couldn't tahan not sleeping already. The later class, it was a maths tutorial, a replacement class. I really did not give face to the lecturer and I slept through the whole tutorial. I know I suck. Thank you. Now, I still feel suckish why I couldn't choose where to go after my diploma, either advance or UTAR. Really sad. Moreover, things between me and my parents aren't going that well. Want to share this with them, but then ... I'm afraid. Know why? Because I don't know whether will I still have mood to continue studying. I mentioned this to my mum. She was like, you want to study, meh? Of course she didn't just make the assumption that I do not want to study. She can see through my sleepless frenzy, and my previous outing frenzy. Frenzy frenzy frenzy. I'm really looking forward to the Cameron trip with dear, Joa and Ah Kong. Really want to feel the holiday spirit again.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Night Ghost

Damn the sleepless frenzy. I have been sleeping at 4/5 am recently. Dang. Why?? Reason #1 - The computer. I have stuck on the computer since I got it back. FYI, I lost my lappie and desktop to the thunder storm and I had live without computer for almost 2 weeks. Reason #2 - Waiting for someone special. This has been a habit ever since then. Reason #3 - The computer. Again. What I have been doing online:-
  • Check mail - but then most of them aren't necessary.
  • Chat
  • Blog - rarely thou.
  • Download things
  • Porn
Sick right? I am sure most of you do the same. Now, don't complain and shout out at my beloveds ShoutBox. =p

Attraction, Distraction - Added feature!!

News on Attraction, Distraction. The owner of this blog has added some feature in the blog. He has added some of his friends' blog links and added a ShoutBox from So, call all the peeps out there VISIT da blog!! Life is about sharing right? Hmm.. feeling extra like sharing things now. =D Kiss da ass!! XD Don't forget to shout yea! *hugz to those who shout!*

Rant #01 - Dumbo world, perfect world

Suddenly I feel like I'm living in a dumbo world. Why does things must happen? Does it really mean to teach us lessons? Sometimes I wish life is like, what I wanted. The perfect world for me to live in. But then, this is kinda impossible to achieve. Is it really possible to build the perfect world for muaself? Have you ever heard, to make things simple, there must be a really complex base. Taking example of the Operating System we are using. Windows XP and Mac OS X. Both of this OS is very user friendly. But if you try to see the programming codes for these OSs, you'll go blind. Just the amount of programmer researching the way to program these OS are large. See, so many people and experiences, the end result is a very simple, easy to use, friendly OS. So, does that mean, for me to have my perfect world, I will have to make things complicated and put a lot of effort in it? I guess you might say, JUST BLEND IN!!! Blend in? No way! There is so many things I can't stand! There is so many things I want to do instead of blending in! Well, even IF I wanted to blend in, NO WAY I'm blending in the situations I am currently at. It SUX! I hope I have done ranting and am feeling better. To all those if you want to know why am I ranting about this, read the previous posts. You might get a hint.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Confusion in life.. Take it or leave it?

I would first like to say a BIG BIG SOWIEEEEEEE for not updating my this tiny little chapters of my life for a very very loooooooong time. SOWIE!! Btw, thanks for all the peeps out there who DO actually visit my page to check whether is my bloggiez updated. THANKIEZZZ!! Big hugz to all of you!! Have been through a LOT. I mean like... A LOT. I traveled to Hatyai and Hong Kong after my exams period. Then, I was kinda in my 'winter phase' of my year, where my biggest depression period are. Yesh depression. All sorts of depression come. Love life, financial, COMPUTER PROBLEM, choices to make and etc. Anyway, all these depressions are about to be over I guess, because I finally... FINALLY, get to sit still and determined to write a new bloggiez entry!! Now, lets talk about why I wasn't determined to write my blog. I was feeling confused, and all the sudden, I feel like, the world is ending soon. Thats why I didn't really bother writing. Yeah right you may say. The world is ending. But, how would you explain all the natural disasters and all the you-know-what which kinda kills or contribute to losses? Well, and the most important thing is. I feel less organized already. I used to be a quite organized person. Not to say very. I like to do stuffz last minutes. As the feeling is being busy at the last minute make me feel powerful... A cheh... What a wrong mind set. This kinda habit is known as 'The Procrastinator' as written in 'The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens'. (Yes I have been reading it, but then I don't really read all of them. Don't have enough determination to do so.) It says The procastinator is addicted to urgency. He/she likes to put things off and put things off and put things off ... until it becomes a crisis. To those who had worked with me before, you know what I mean. To those who haven't, please just erase off this part of the blog from your memories. Thank you! XD Okie. Here comes the main part of the blog, where it is related to the topic above. The confusion. While I was typing these, it took me like ... 15 minutes to clear off my mind because there was some interrupts.. I think I have kinda forgotten about what I wanna write. Oh kay~ here goes nothing! There is 2 major decision I need to make. First, my educational path which will directly affect my career path, which will also affect my life path. I wanted to do a LOT of stuffz in life. I wanna achieve a LOT of stuffz in life. But then, my educational path doesn't really opens a huge door to what I wanna do in life. It does offers me a good working opportunity, which will surely generate an amount of monthly income. I can use the income to achieve what I want in life, but I hope this can be done. Ahh well, I don't seem to have much choice. Either to continue to persue my degree in what I'm doing now, Microelectronics, at TAR College, or move over to UTAR, taking relevant courses or irrelevant courses but relevant to what I wanna do in life. After reading this, you might wonder why don't I just choose what I wanna do in life? Well, sometimes there are blocks here and there. I actually was thinking to get into Hotel Management, but then my parents was like ... there is no future there. But one of my final goal in the future is related to this! Okay, lets keep this aside. I can still continue that after I have some modals and partners to start this. Management skills can be learnt whenever izzit rite? I would also want to get into PR! Organizing events is like the heavenly job to me. But then, bare with me, I'm afraid to step into this field. I don't have much knowledge in this, but I would always LOVE to be a part of this (which my parents don't really want me to do since my secondary school year). Performing arts. What a great thing to do in life. Yet another thing my parents don't want me to be in. Almost all my goals/dreams are halted because my parents doesn't like it. I hate this. What they want me to do is, keep it all to my computers. (To those who don't know, I'm an IT guy, kinda knows some here and there.) Which kinda refers me back to be a Technical person. Aih... Here goes my 1st confusion. But then, I plan to stick with my original plan, which is to obtain a degree in what I'm doing first. I can always venture into other parts later. The second confusion. The Multi Level Marketing a.k.a. alternate franchising. Have been ushered to join this ... like very long ago adi. Don't know what should I feel about it. Should I join? Or should I just ignore and be normal people? I have heard all sorts of testimonials. Pros and cons. But then again, my parents. They totally objected it, and kinda forced me to not joining it. Well, indeed I agree. I have yet to have the preparation to join and work these things out. I have given all of my MLM choices a thought. I can imagine myself in a good position. But then, now izzen the time for me to start this business yet. NOT READY, financially, emotionally and in terms of freedom. So, my final choice: Do it later when I'm ready, which is few years later. As all things are, there are pros and cons. Cons for the choice of the first confusion: I dun think there will be a very good studying environment, which I'm kinda sick of for the past few semesters. Cons for the choice of the second confusion: I'll earn much lesser by then compared to all my friends... Life is all about choices huh? One reminder, you can choose to live the life you want. And choose to be happy always! ^^