Friday, August 01, 2008

Mirror Mirror walking around

I felt a tap on my back and it was Chalis. 'Do you want this?' he asked, showing me a piece of lollipop he was eating, and only a little is left. I smiled and shook my head lightly, then I turned back. What the irony.

It has been great living with my current house mates. Introducing Chalis, Kelvin, Kien Fu and a dear old friend Jonathan.

Birthday of Kien Fu (Middle). From left: Kelvin, Chalis, Kien Fu, Eyrique, Jonathan. From My mates

Well, I have been a wonderful shooting range for them to practice their shooting skills, aka sarcasm, which I am worst at. Almost everyday without fail I will be shot in a way or two. Be it the way I watch TV, the way I eat, the way I react to certain things, the way I do everything. Gosh. Every time I really hate it when they do it. The main reason is because I do not know how to shoot them back.

Not until the tap Chalis gave me just now, I would not have realized that they have been a big piece of mirror to me. The sarcasm was actually a reflection of what I am.

Previously, I did not appreciate any of the sarcasm cast on me. I did not care much anyway. Melz has been one. I know he is sarcastic sometimes, and I know he cared for me. But all those sarcasm kind of fall onto deaf ear.

As I am living on my own now and without the naggings of my parents, I feel like I am in a mess. Perhaps I am used to nags. And honestly I am not completely on my own yet. But by my house mates sarcasm, I tend to know what sorts of things I did wrong, and hopefully I will start to change for the better.