Thursday, October 04, 2007

Love is...

I always tell my friends, or anyone whom I came across who questions about love. Perhaps I am a science person, I came across articles on the science of love.

It says, scienctist has found that love is controlled by a certain release of chemical in the brain. It was defined that when these chemicals are released, you are deeply in love, the love bud are deeply rooted in your heart, the passion of the clicks.

It was said that these chemical will stop its release at around 3 months since it started, and that is the time where so-called 'love' stops. Commitment, trust, responsibity comes in and play a big part.

Then from another source, a TV drama, it says that the chemicals will last for at least a few months, then it will stop production when it is reaching 2-4 years max. It was explained that these chemicals are responsible for blinding you in love, blinding you from every single flaws on the person you are in love with has, and hallucinate you with a perfect person. As the chemical starts reducing, flaws are getting more visible, thus arguments come in. And all other consequences.

Bla. Is love just this? Or this are the way out of the love problem for those who dare not to face 'love', or the other significant half, or the relationship?

I talked to a good friend, after I told him this, he said, "I think these are bullshits." Wow. What a statement. he has his own perception on love, which I think is a breakthrough for me. Even though it happened without me realizing it, but it somehow awaken me from being fooled, by whoever it is.

To him,

love is about 2 person who accepts one another, respects one another, and try their best to fulfill each other's expectation.
Yea, we have been doing all these to whom we love, but was it done vice-verca? Point to ponder.

A simple sentence to represent love. Yes, it is just as simple as that. Love grows when these are worked upon. No, it is not a deal, but merely a guideline on how love should be. Why do arguments happen? Misunderstanding. Unmet expectations. What provoke stress? Misunderstanding. Unmet expectations. Perhaps these should be reviewed when you face some problems with love next time. It might help.