Friday, January 28, 2005

Hello guysz!!!

There has been a long time. Sorry guyz cuz not bloggin for some time. I was too busy to overcome my personal emotions. During the exam time, I was somehow desperately in despair. Misery. Why? Dunno. What I felt was I needed somebody I trust to talk to, something like having back the [ngon chiuen gamm] >> the feeling of safe in Cantonese. How stupid. Doesn’t it only be needed by females? Well, dun get mistaken, coz male has something similar to PMS (Pre-menstrual Syndrome) oso!! Don’t believe? Check out this article from ‘The Star’. (I forgot which 1, but the star really has it...) Hmm… so, I’m on holiday now. Be prepared to get loads of writings and pictures posted this festive season! Gong Xi Fa Chai!

New Year, New Hair Cut!

Today was my last day of exam. Intro to C Programming. The paper was tougher than all the past years, but I managed to complete all the questions and got out of the room soon. > Actually I dun wanna get out so fast 1. but I dunno wat d invigilator was looking while I completed. He was starting at me… or my question paper. I got so shy and hand over quickly. ;) and I had to return a 5-day-dued fiction to the library. Haha. N then we went for RedBox LowYat as planned, with Jennie and Ryan. Hmm… Three young guy going to sing karaoke after exam = FUN! Well, maybe not as fun as expected, yet I had enjoyed the day. After that, I accompanied Jennie to Ann Professional Team hair saloon at LowYat. I got a hair cut! My hair stylist was Rocky. He was so talkative and asked so many questions, I liked it though. The first thing is of course ‘How you want your hair to be cut?’ Then, he continued asking questions about Jennie and so many things… Too shy to talk about this here. Too private, no revealing. Sorry. Guess yourself. While talking, he cut so fast. In just 30 min, I got my hair cut and styled. When I looked in the mirror, OMG! I can’t imagine myself looking this GOOD! It was really shocking! See the changes yourself. Then I accompanied Jennie to eat McDonald and get a bus back home. My bus arrived when her bus arrived, then I just got on the bus and went home. Feeling stupid cause didn’t show it to all ppl~ haha!! After I bathe at home, I fell in love of myself. Man, don’t I look good? Haha!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Memorise texts, is it necessary?

While I was watching Jewel in The Palace episode 37( 8TV, 8.30pm Weekdays), a Korean traditional drama series which I was addicted to recently, the heroin’s medicine teacher asked her to memorise all the medical books. The heroin shockingly asked, “So much? But I do not understand them, how do I memorise them?” Her teacher told her just to memorise them, as she would know them later on. Then, I thought of an explanation of memorising texts from a Chinese poet in a television show (NTV7, Happy Family, 5.30pm, Weekdays). The host asked the poet whether primary school students should study and memorise Chinese sayings. The poet answers, “It’s like a cow eats a huge amount of grass, but it doesn’t mean that she will digests all her food. When she feels hungry, she will take out the food from her stomach and chew again. Same goes to our knowledge. When it is fed into our minds, it may not be useful. However when you have reach a certain time or situation, you will process the information and actually understands it. For example, you might not understand the saying ‘少壮不努力,老大图悲伤’(in chinese. Please switch encoding to simplified chinese to view these text) now, but when you are old and you did not make any effort to make your life better when you were young, you will really understand the meaning of the saying.” So, next time when you were asked to memorise something, please do so. Who knows, maybe someday you might save someone from committing suicide?

Friday, January 07, 2005

Soo Kui Jien >> The Malaysian Idol Host

Soo Kui Jien >> I just kinda think that he is so... cute. I know it might be so not 'in' for a guy to say a guy cute, but he really is. He is really a talented guy. Visit here to know him more. ;)

Oh my god, exam is coming!

I am now studying 2nd semester at TARC now, and the final exam is coming! Next week is the first subjuct, Bahasa Malaysia (The Malay Language). What I had in mind about college is that they used English as medium in all subjucts. Sadly, Malaysian Government has enforced that all educational institution must have at least a language related to the country. Well, it's not really that sad lar~ At least we still get in touch with our national language. ;) I'm taking 5 subjects this semester. BM, Engineering Mathematics(Sequence & Series, Differenciation, Integration, Statistic), Physics2, IT2, and Introduction to C Programming. Quite worried about this semester's exam. This is because I had attended a dance course half year dance course which has finally ended on 26 December 2004(I'll talk about it on the next post). Due to this course, I was unable to concentrate on my studies especially last month, as the rehearsal for the performances were on. To really cover up this 'mess', I would have to work harder in order to get at least 3.5 for CGPA.
All the best and good luck to me.

Buddhism and Love

I don't really know how you think about unusual sexual orientation but I had a special connection with it. Recently, I came across news of gay activist fought for the right of same sex marriage. Christianity forbits it and most people do too. How about Buddhism? Surf here to find out more about it. No matter you are homo/hetero/bi, you will gain something good after reading this article. Comment here if you have some.

!! Listen up, you pepps !!

I found a great place to download musics. It is YiSou from Yahoo! China I guess. But sadly it's in chinese. So, for all the pepps who know how to read chinese, download some songs for a test listening. If you like that song very much, please buy original CDs. Your support means big deal to the artists.


One of my dancemate, a girl who is a journalist for some chinese megazines in Malaysia, has unfortunately being in a fatal accident and was at a very unstable state. She has to use aid to breathe. Yesterday, she passed away. I felt really sorry cause I have lost a good friend.
Aihui, rest in peace.

Sick :-(

Do you know how terrible a headache is? Very TeRrIbLe! I had my first (should be the first) headache in my life! Oh my gawd... The culprit:
  • Sore throat (lasted two weeks)
  • Flu(since yesterday I guess)
  • Looking at the computer & TV screen for too long (Actually the headache started when I was blogging my first post)
I took 2 panadols and slept for two hours and I feel better already. But some vein around my right eye corner is in pain. I rub it repeated and the pain is even more intense that I could not even sleep. Instead of wasting my time doing nothing, I might just blog. My mother say that the pain around the eye means your eyes are too tired and has not recharged enough for the day. So, if you encounter such pain in the future, rest your eyes for your own sake.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

This is a picture of mine, taken while my dance training. Some comments? Posted by Hello

!~ !~ !~ First time bloggin ~! ~! ~!

Hello everybody! My name is Eyrique (you can either pronounce it as e-ri-ke or eric will do). This is my first time blogging. So, as well you can call me as a rookie in blogging. Here is a little bit about me. Really just a LITTLE bit.
  • Currently studying in Tunku Abdul Rahman College, Malaysia. Diploma in Science 1st Year(Information Technology, majoring in Microelectronics).
  • I have passion in : Dance ~ Music ~ Performing Arts ~ Computer ~ Reading

Talking about blogging, I actually did not thought about blogging. Maybe thats because I have a somehow WeIrD life. Why suddenly I wanna get into blogging is that, I felt I have stuffs to tell the world. I have been through of some big moment in my life, and I just want to share it. ;)

I don't really know what esle to say here. So... take care everybody.