Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Yo, peeps!

OMG. It has been damn long time since I ever have time to sit still and write a blog. Time is evil. It tortures me along with lust, laziness, stupidity, and whatsoever torturing. Damn. Only after I read lpshen’s blog I had mood to write one. How can I be so controlled emotionally? Where has your rationality gone? You DAGGER! What does that means anyway? Nah, doesn’t care, as long as it sounds like motherf**ker. (Well, it should sound like IDIOT, but my idiotic language doesn’t come with any word similar to it.) When was my last blog written? O… it’s the wedding! Damn I missed a lot. I now don’t feel like writing my dairy as blog. It feels so stupid to actually have people, esp strangers reading your diary. What an imbecile. (Oh, never realise there is another word. It was from Garfield the movie, that’s what Garfield called Odie, the imbecile dog.) I had actually captured tonnes of pictures on my candy bar, Nokia 3200 [Well, not tonnes actually, it can’t even store more than 100 pictures.]. I had even actually written something on my mobile phone! Well, lemme see what I’ve written. {I’m on a ‘business trip’ 2 Nilai with my dad. I’m on holiday n it’s after cny, n I’m damn free at house n grounded. No choice but to follow. He woke me up at 8 in d morning n we went on journey at 830. I’ve only slept for 4 hrs. He drove Naza Ria (Kia Carnival) out n it’s auto. He was a manual guy. So, I can’t stand him driving auto. I’d always see the engine meter reach 3.5/4 before dropping down. (naza change gear usually at 2.5/3) Nor wonder he’s complaining d fuel goes like drinking water. As I know, it uses a quad-cam 24 valves engine. Well, accelerating is definitely like drinking water. But if It goes long distant, it’s like riding on a cloud. BREEZY. Getting a Naza was not a bad idea after all, as all of us got to enjoy the umph of the car. Kekeke. Sadly, the car is not us, is the company’s. My dad was about to solve some problem regarding the electricity bill of his house for rent there. The bill was at extremely high price and the rentee did not use that much, and the meter was way lower then the number jotted there. He bumps into the TNB office and told the officer to change the bill. But the officer gave reason stating that the meter reader couldn’t see the reading on the meter. My dad then tells him, “I’m a carpenter, I’ll bring my hammer and my nail and all the tools to fix your house. He is a meter reader, shouldn’t he brings a binocular to read my meter? It is outside the house! Approximation? Does that mean your meter reader is taking the wages without doing his job? If he doesn’t want to do it, dozens of people out there want the job!” The officer went speechless immediately and changes the bill. Wow. What a great dad. He then talks about so many things about customer services and other stuff while we are on the way home. You know what? I think he kinda look like Simon Cowell! Hahaha!!}