Monday, October 09, 2006

Men, women and sex

"很多男生會想要跟喜歡的人有性關係,其實那都不是真愛... 基本上一個男人遇到自己最愛的女人,是想要保護她,永遠跟他在一起而不會去想性.... 但是愛最後會有性,那是完美的靈肉合一,是很單純的快樂,是一種至高無上的幸福感."
Here is something my primary school crush wrote. This is kinda what she thinks about men, and sex. I guess this is kinda true huh? Don't you agree with it? I heard, men thinks about sex every 20 minutes. Whether true or not, men still do thinks about sex. Relationship wise, it will only occur when the inner-self wanted to have a relationship rather than having sex. What am i TALKING? Haha... Anyhow, guys, don't just do sex itself. The longer you do that, the emptier you will feel.