Thursday, June 17, 2010


My room is cluttered with a lot of unnecessary stuff, such as receipts, old notes, used notebooks and dust. I was thinking to clean up a bit, even at such wee hour.
I wanted to move my desktop system unit from the floor onto the cupboard so I have more leg room and the unit can have more fresh air. I got myself a nice box to keep the unnecessary stuff. I did not start packing until everyone has slept, which is about 2am plus.
I felt a bit sleepy at that moment. But I thought, let me just do it. And so I started to tidy up the mess.
I found a few textbooks, some old photos from my secondary school graduation, graduation book for primary and secondary school, notes, and some memorable items.
It was good to read about the past again. I feel like I have grown up already. But yet, I am still well aware that I have lots of room for improvement. Comparing the comments given by my ex-classmates, I think I am more matured compared to last time. I am feeling good about it.
I did some improvisation on the new teaching technique, and it did work somehow. I should try this more. As I am talking about this, I need to get a whiteboard asap.

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