Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Blogging again :)

It has been quite some time since I really sit down and write about my feelings. It just did not cross my mind that I need to write them down. Perhaps, it was because this is in the public domain. Well, I will try to get past that.
It is the school holiday now. I did something which I don't do usually. I took a break.
I went back to my mummy's hometown; I had some extra sleep which I don't get usually; I learnt a lesson or two; I formatted my desktop; I completed some month-long pending task and etc.
Something to share here:
My performance video during the teacher's day.
As with any business letter, you should end appropriately; “Yours sincerely” when you are writing to a named recipient, and “Yours faithfully” when you do not know who will be receiving the letter. ~
Besides this, I got in touch with my English teacher to ask her for help in some matter regarding English. She did her best to help me. In addition, we shared about our experience in teaching, and she has inspired me to try out new methods in teaching.
I am feeling satisfied. I think it is time to go to bed. I need to wake up real early for a fresh start in the school. Lights out. =D