Sunday, February 08, 2009


I have just done watching a movie about how a dad feels when his beloved daughter gets married. The distraught about wedding cost, the worries about wedding progress, the fears about losing his daughter, and the reluctance of letting his daughter go. At the end of the story, the dad did not get to dance with the daughter, nor kiss her… The father and daughter did not have any interaction after the church ceremony, even though they were looking for each other.

I still remember the father's satisfaction when he was looking at the 200-person dining hall, his daughter smiling at her greatest to her friends, his wife and his kids having fun, and he thought, “I could say that the wedding party is a success, and I would be happier if I get to dance with my daughter.”

As soon as his thought finishes, it was the time where the bride throws the wedding bouquet, and get ready to take off to Hawaii for honeymoon. The father thought, “I must get to see her.” Thus he took a shortcut to where she throws the bouquet. The shortcut was full of obstacle, and he missed the last chance to see her, dance with her, kiss her before she leaves the house for good. He missed it.

After the wedding party is over, he and his wife sat in a corner of the empty party-aftermath living room, resting and feeling blank. He puts on some soulful music, and at the same time the phone rang. His daughter called. She said, “Dad, I couldn’t leave without saying goodbye to you. Thanks mum for everything. And dad, I love you very much!”

This call was very significant to him. This call filled most of his emptiness in his heart for not being able to say goodbye to her before she left. He smiled at his wife after the call. He asked his wife for a dance at the soulful music. They danced intimately, in the beautiful, wedding-theme house.

Actually, I watched the movie alone at home. Everyone was sleeping already. I wanted someone to be there to watch the movie with me. I hunger for someone to love. Perhaps it was because of Valentine’s day is approaching, perhaps it was because of Khalil Fong’s love ballads which I fell in love with recently, perhaps I got sick of being single, and I am ready to fall in love again.

My loved one, where would you be?

I wish all couples will have a great Valentine’s day, and everyday would be a Valentine’s day for you!


Anonymous said...

i want to be your's

alex5813 said...

you sure do have lotsa stalkers around ya, do ya....

Anonymous said...

i'm shanmuga..

Anonymous said...

i'm shanmuga..